supertitles (aka surtitles)

What are surtitles?

Supertitles appeared in the early 80's, in opera performances, replacing the libretto that the audience used till that time during the play. It was a precious innovation which upgraded the way the spectator comprehenced the play, and thus enjoying it more.

Since then, the supertitling technology has evolved. New types of monitors, projectors and control systems came along, creating a whole new branch in the culture era, directly connected to the success of live performances in their entirety.

Why do I need surtitles?

Default reason to have surtitles in a performance is that the performance has travelled abroad to a different language speaking audience. But this is not the only reason for having surtitles on your event.
We surtitles you may provide access to your performance to:

  • Deaf or heavy hearing people
  • Tourists or foreigners living in your city
  • Foreign languages students