about the SuperTitles.gr service

[NOTE: Supertitles.gr as a service is supported only in Greece]

You don't have to buy our software to have the perfect surtitles for your event.
In fact you may have even better titles if you go on hiring us for doing the job.
With 15 years (and counting) of experience on projecting titles we consider ourselves as specialists, and so do all our clients. 

We and our partners, cover needs in the following sectors:

  • Prior to event
    • Translation to several languages
    • Adjusting (cutting) titles to best follow the speech, based on an audio or video recording of the play.
    • Study the venue's and audiences' needs and particularities and suggest the ideal hardware for each case
    • Set up projectors, screens etc.
    • Rehearse with the actors and make last minute changes
  • During the event
    • Operate supertitles.gr during the play.
    • Cover possible actors' mistakes by fast but silent moving forward or backwards to the appropriate title
    • Go to black or change titles perfectly synched with specific events on the play such as: lights in/out, loud voices, music beats etc.


Contact us to talk about your event and your surtitles needs