the SuperTitles application is just a surtitles projecting software!
That's all it does... But it's done in the best possible way!

Our software's mission is to project titles that will follow the actors' speach during a performance or an event, in such a way that the audience can read the text to overcome hearing problems or to understand a foreign language.
It is the software's duty to make it easy for an operator, that cares, to overcome common problems of live events (such as actors missing their lines, skiping big or small parts of their text, or even go back and forth) without letting the audience understand the problem or get lost in the translation.
Supertitles is also offered as a service, only in Greece, by undertaking all necessary obligations like: translation, editing, hardware support and finally operating the system during the events.

  • Editing features
    • Side by side original and translated texts
    • Real time editing
    • Import from a text or a word file
    • Merge/split cells
    • Insert/add/delete cells/rows
    • Search/replace/go-to functions
    • Find the bigger lines
    • Lot's of shortcuts for each function
    • Easy and quick bookmarking
  • Projecting features
    • Create multiple panels for multiple languages or different kind of texts
    • Move/resize/color differently each panel
    • Set font family/color/size for each panel
    • Apply horizontal/vertical alignment
    • Shrink/enlarge line heights
    • Scrolling text supported
    • Default or on demand fade in/out title
    • Seek text without changing the projected title
  • Other features
    • Record timeline and export to .srt file
    • Import/export parts of the text
    • Have as many columns and panels of text you need
    • Extra lightweight software
    • Very small file sizes
    • Runs on all Windows versions starting from Windows 98.
    • Connects and Projects to multiple projectors


Contact us to ask for a demo version of the software.

Our software was developed on 2003 from Chris and Achilles Maroulis. Since then it has been improved and upgraded many many times, being now at version Any professional surtitlist that has worked with it agree that it is a leading software for its purpose. If you are one of them, please leave your comment here.